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Great Moravia Memorial

Great Moravia Memorial in Staré Město -„Na Valách“ was built above the foundations of a church from the 9th century unearthed by archaeologist Vilém Hrubý in 1949. In Great Moravia’s times the church was surrounded by an extensive burial site with graves of noblemen containing lots of weapons and jewels and also graves of poor people, craftsmen and farmers. So far over 2,000 graves have been scrutinized which makes the burial site „Na Valách“ the most extensive necropolis of Great Moravia. Some of the graves close to the foundations of the then church are preserved in their original locations.

Great Moravia Memorial in Staré Město, erected upon the foundations of the first discovered stone building in our territory, verifiably dating back from Great Moravia, has been a national cultural heritage monument since 1969, therefore it has been given good care and protection from both the state and the Zlín region. At he same time, there is a general support for the timeless cultural and historical values of this locality to be made accessible to the wide public, especially young people, as an important source of knowledge about the first state formation of western Slavs – Great Moravia and its highly developed culture.

Given that from its opening in 1969 the Memorial had not undergone any reconstruction or modernization, a major reconstruction was undertaken in the years 2008–2009 and a modern multimedia exhibition was installed at its end to keep up with modern exhibition trends and attract home and foreign visitors.

January 16th 2010 was the day when the Memorial was reopened for public. In contrast to the seasonal business before the reconstruction, from now on the Memorial will be accessible throughout the year. The project was realized by Slovácké Museum in Uherské Hradiště which, as an allowance organization of the Zlín region, also is a trustee of this national cultural heritage.

The multimedia exhibition has replaced the old and rather obsolete exhibition from 1985. Life and work of our predecessors in a Great Moravian settlement are illustrated by means of dozens of life sized dummies. You can admire replicas of clothes, footwear, precious jewels, work tools and other finds from the excavations that have been carried out in Staré Město for over a century. The authors of this exhibition, doc. PhDr. Luděk Galuška, CSc., of Moravian Regional Museum, and Mgr. Miroslav Vaškových, Ph.D., of Slovácké Museum in cooperation with Svatopluk Sládeček made the foundations of the church the centre point of the Memorial and on the adjacent burial site they demonstrate the methods of archaeological research.

The new exhibition is then based on a life story of one man, by archaeologists named Mojslav, buried in the 9th century on the burial ground „Na Valách“ in Staré Město. The story runs as a series of historical dioramas with real life-sized figures picturing Great Moravia’s major historical events, at the same time depicting all kinds of activities of the 9th century inhabitants. Thanks to Mojslav, visitors can learn a lot about Great Moravia. Starting his childhood through being admitted among warriors to his death – by the way, the whole exhibitions ends right by the grave of a warrior recently discovered near the Great Moravian church foundations. The visitors descend to the grave and finish the entire exhibition route.

The exhibition is supplemented by an introductory film directed by Rudolf Chudoba, by an electronic guide and computer animation on Great Moravia on touch screen monitors. They make it easier for visitors to get to know the history of Great Moravia also by means of 3D models of reconstructed churches, fortification and probable size of erstwhile Veligrad. Also available is a presentation on a big screen with personalities that made their contribution to archaeological finds of Great Moravia, and the finds themselves.

The all-year operation of the Memorial gives a chance to expand the program by offering lectures for the public and teaching programs for youth and students.

The costs of the reconstruction have reached about 30 million CZK. The contributions to the reconstruction of this national cultural memorial were shared by the Zlín region together with grants from Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway within the EEA and Norway grants. Also the Brno Moravian Regional Museum provided some support with the reconstruction.


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