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The Museum of Moravian Slovakia

The Museum of Moravian Slovakia has a special status among the other Czech and Moravian museums. It is not so much its age or number of collection items but its scope and output that grabs the attention of both learned and layman public. It is not a typical homeland-study facility. Since its foundation, the Museum has focused on archaeology and ethnography; history and visual art were added later. Due to its scope of research and collection which covers the whole of the Slovácko („Moravian Slovakia“) ethnographic region, the Museum falls among regional institutions, ran or supported by the state government. Originally a modest cultural facility born thanks to enthusiasm and devotion of patriotic-minded scholars later evolved into a professional, highly specialized institution, located in several buildings: the main building in the Smetanovy sady park in Uherské Hradiště houses a permanent exposition of Moravian Slovakia along with various other ethnographic, archeological and historical exhibitions, the Museum’s Gallery in Otakarova ulice presents visual art of southeast Moravia as well as works of both domestic and foreign authors, the Great Moravian Empire Monument in Staré Město offers an exhibition documenting an important era of Czech history, two rural farms – monuments of folk architecture in the village of Topolná were turned into expositions of folk housing and smithery. The Museum also maintains four archeological sites with reconstructed groundwork of Great Moravian era churches in Uherské Hradiště, Staré Město, Modrá near Velehrad and Osvětimany which were declared National Cultural Monuments.


Slovácké muzeum v Uherském Hradišti,
příspěvková organizace
Smetanovy sady 179
Uherské Hradiště 686 01
Telefon: 572 556 556, 572 551 370
E-mail: info@slovackemuzeum.cz
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