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Slovácko – social science anthology

Slovácko Anthology is a social science anthology mapping the Moravia-Slovakia borderland. First published in 1949, it has been source of information for expert, wide public about both scientific and popular events in the field of ethnography, archaeology, history of arts through studies, articles, news and reviews. Slovácko Anthology comes out once a year. Before 2006 the journal was critically reviewed by its own editorial board, i.e. by experts in the given issues and by the editorial staff themselves. The structure of the Anthology corresponds with the professional orientation of Slovácké Museum in Uherské Hradiště, the editor and one of the most remarkable regional museums in the Czech Republic with a long tradition (founded in 1914). Its main purpose is to make collections, conduct scientific research, and undertake methodical, cultural and educational activities aimed at not only Zlínský region but on the whole ethnographic area called Slovácko.

Slovácko social science anthology focuses on the Moravia-Slovakia borderland, which can be seen in its subtitle. The profile is made of four scientific disciplines – ethnography, archaeology, history and art history, also the four major domains of Slovácké Museum. Each head of department of Slovácké Museum is in charge of one discipline in the editorial staff. Besides studies and professional articles, some space is given to administration of museum itself. Contributions relate to the functioning of museums within the particular years – activities of Museum Society, Centre of Care for Traditional Folk Culture etc.


Slovácké muzeum v Uherském Hradišti,
příspěvková organizace
Smetanovy sady 179
Uherské Hradiště 686 01
Telefon: 572 556 556, 572 551 370
E-mail: info@slovackemuzeum.cz
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