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The beginnings of the archaeological research are associated with the endeavour of the first pioneers in the second half of the 20th century. Their research was focused on finding the centre of Great Moravia in Staré Město and its close neighbourhood (František Přikryl, Julius Jeroným Christin, Antonín Zelnitius). The founder of this Veligrad archaeology is considered František Přikryl who, under the influence of the millenium commemoration in the years 1863 and 1885, as the first took up an archaeological research of the legendary Great Moravia´s Veligrad. One of the top amateur archaeologists, Antonín Zelnitius, founded in Staré Město in 1922 the „Staré Město – Veligrad Museum Club“ striving to explore the whole territory of Staré Město, and later on the whole of Central Pomoraví. It was not until after World War II that archaeological research was commenced under the direction of Vilém Hrubý (Staré Město, Modrá, Sady, Zlechov, St. Kliment near Osvětimany) whose name is linked with the discovery of the first verifiable Great Moravia religious architecture in our lands – a little church at „Na Valách“, Staré Město. The archaeological research got intensified especially after 1964 when the department got a qualified archaeologist Robert Snášil who conducted research in almost 60 villages of the former Uherské Hradiště district.

Since 2005, the archaeological workplace has been home in the former barracks in Štefánikova Street in Uherské Hradiště. Geographically, the research is limited to the area of the former Uherské Hradiště district, particularly along the rivers of Morava (Pomoraví) and Olšava (Poolšaví). Presently, the archaeological collection amounts to nearly 300,000 items the most valuable finds being gold and silver jewels – ear-rings, rings, buttons, lace tips, but also unique objects, decorations and weapons from Early Neolithic Age, Bronze Age, and Early and Late Middle Ages.

The archaeological department of Slovácké Museum closely cooperates with specialized disciplines – dendrochronology, osteology, paleobotany, geophysics and others. It participates in a couple of major projects – such as cataloguing and digital mapping of all archaeological localities of the district, in grant projects on the development of the ancient and early historical settlements in the bottomland of the Morava river in Dolnomoravský Vale.

Besides collecting and research work, the department´s activities include methodical an cultural events, above all lecturing and exhibiting in order to get the public acquainted with the results of explorations in individual localities, but also to popularize the oldest history of this country.


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