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Art history

This discipline has shaped up slowly and its development was long and gradual. From 1914, exhibitions were held, collections were archived, contacts with art makers were made and maintained, all this though within the limits and in context with other museum activities. Until the 1950s the custodians of the collection were Jiří Heřman and Ruda Kubíček, artists from Uherské Hradiště. With the art historian PhDr. Vilém Hrůza in charge in 1955, the art history department started a new era based on scientific approach. The existing collection was revised, reevaluated, and re-defined, a new concept of future development was outlined, and the publishing of scientific articles prevailed. This major change came along with the building of a new gallery (a reconstructed arsenal) in the years 1959–1962. In the following years the museum thrived except for the 1970s due to the absence of professional management in the art history department. In the 1980s the museum built lots of contacts with many Czech galleries which resulted in the range of exhibitions. The conditions got steady and currently the art history department appears to be an independent workplace with a rich agenda, professional qualities and a promising future.


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