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Historical research in Slovácké Museum was commenced in the 1930s. First mentions of the founding a history department come from 3 September 1931 when J. Jelínek was appointed the custodian for historical collections. Simultaneously, a literature department was set up in Slovácké Museum and the person in charge was named a well-known historian Bedřich Beneš Buchlovan. Closely connected with the activities of the history department were efforts to build a Resistance Memorial documenting the duration of World War I and the rise of the independent Czechoslovak Republic.

The core of the museum´s history collections consisted of glass, china and metal objects mostly collected but also purchased from people in Slovácko. In the year 1930 the collections grew bigger after the purchase of an ancient print Mars Moravicus by Tomáš Pešina of Čechorod printed in Prague in 1677, and 47 shooting targets coming predominantly from the 18th and 19th centuries. In 1934, the museum bought from the Vienna War Archives copies of maps and plans of the Uherské Hradiště fortification. Special care was given to coin collection. As early as 1936 the collection contained 1,446 coins and medals, 437 pieces of paper currency and 15 seals, and handstamps.

For the history department, the war years and also the 1950s and 1960s were the times of stagnation and a revival only came in the 1970s with the new staff hired. Each specimen of the collection was assigned an inventory number, new objects were continually filed, new historical depositories were built. Research into the agrarian history of the region became part of the research programme. Findings were reflected in various exhibitions and published in articles and studies in journals and anthologies.

Since 1990 Slovácké Museum has been one of the few professional institutions that arrange regular meetings of agrarian historians from both home and abroad. These conferences contribute to further cognition of agrarian history of some countries of central and southern Europe and compare the level of research in the given issue in these countries.

Since 1992, special attention has been given to the research and documentation of art-history monuments of villages and towns of Uherské Hradiště District which include not only national heritage objects but also other architecturally and historically interesting buildings.


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