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The special library has been part of Slovácké Museum since the very beginning in 1914 when the library´s collection numbered 1,500 exhibits. Over the time its collection grew larger and larger as journals and valuable books were added. In 1941, the book collection proliferated after the local library in Uherské Hradiště singled out publications related to museum as such. At the same time the museum received valuable publications as a gift from the Stancl family. In 1942, the library was finally transferred to a respectable premise in the new building in Smetanovy sady (a park). Here, the books were arranged by disciplines, then labeled as archive manuscripts, archive books and registers. Later on, the system of descriptions on cards was introduced. The library housed mainly geographic magazines and regional periodicals (e.g. Moravská Slovač 1884-1889, Slovácké noviny 1890-1906) and a new register was set up to collect personal writings, cut-outs, autographs and pictures of artists and writers in some way connected with the region.

By the early 1947 the library had owned other magazines such as Journal of Moravia´s history and geography, Numismatic Papers, Journal of National History and Geography Circle in Olomouc, Picturesque Country and Velehrad Anthology. In 1953, through gifts from individuals and institutions the collection grew bigger by hundreds of journals, in many cases very valuable. In the same year the library acquires books from the Special Book Binding School in Uherské Hradiště whose value lies in their bindings. These are the Bibliophil volumes and some belle-lettres. Further stocktaking and sorting out continued from 1954 on and the subject and name catalogues were completed by 1971. The library underwent a major reorganization in the years 1995-96 when the collection of books was electronically rearranged, sorted out and re-filed in the CDS/ISIS system. For lack of space and given its format the library was equipped with new sliding bookshelves.

Since 2005 a new library system Clavius has been used, the documents are accessible through an on-line catalogue and ANAL data basis (in progress since 1995) which makes accessible articles from selected periodicals and anthologies; in the same way are processed articles from home and foreign periodicals related to the region. Currently, this data basis contains over 26,000 texts.


Slovácké muzeum v Uherském Hradišti,
příspěvková organizace
Smetanovy sady 179
Uherské Hradiště 686 01
Telefon: 572 556 556, 572 551 370
E-mail: info@slovackemuzeum.cz
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