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The documentation department of Slovácké Museum was set up in the 1940s. Positive and negative photographic material used to be bought then as collection fund. Among the first real quality photographs acquired for the museum were collections of Josef Klvaňa, Břetislav Pračka, Josef Dudešek and Vilém Červinka.

The collected photographic material in the form of photographs was glued on cardboards and negatives were stored in boxes. From 1941 on, thanks to Dr. Antonín Václavík a new documentation department was built and all positive and negative material was gradually accumulated there. It was not until 1957 that the extensive collection of negatives and positives containing photographs of collected exhibits, photos from field research and exhibitions and also view-cards was sorted out systematically. This material was being sorted out according to disciplines with each photo having its own file number. At the beginning, attention was largely given to ethnography and history, later documentation expanded also into archaeology and history of art.

In 1964, in line with the Guidelines for the Administration, Storage and Protection of Collections, another stage of professional administration and procession of photo documentation material begins under a head worker in charge of this independent section. Photographic material is filed in the incoming database with the photos stored as cards in the new system. Some of the basic elements of this method have been in use up to now and the whole system is presently being extended and fine-tuned.

Research activities in all special departments of the museum resulted in the establishing a research register and also the record-keeping of objects of collection called for creating a detailed system.

Since 1994 positives and negatives have been computerized, which makes it possible for the documentation department staff to handle the collection-related objects more quickly and more comfortably. About 70,000 samples of the positive material and roughly the same amount of the negative one has been processed so far.

Slides, video cassettes, CDs and DVDs are registered and processed in the documentation department in the same way.

The modern technical equipment of the documentation and photographic department makes it possible to record the past and present everyday life. The photographs represent not only a valuable study material but also an important source of knowledge for the wide public.

The photo archive is accessible at request throughout the year and admission free on Museum Day and Memorial Day.


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