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The Arts of south-east Moravia – permanent exhibition

The permanent exhibition called Arts of south-east Moravia is a collection of works by prominent personalities from the end of 19th century to the 1960s bringing basic information about characteristic features of the regional art scene. It reflects not only arts but also society by mapping historical consequences, traditions, events and social changes. The first part of the exhibition features a generation of artists who all got inspired by Moravian rural life. Joža Uprka, Franta Úprka, Antoš Frolka, Cyril Mandel, Alois Kalvoda, Stanislav Lolek, Ludvík Ehrenhaft – all of them developed their themes in their own styles, in a rich and colourful manner. Another section introduces Uherské Hradiště’s natives – Jindřich Průcha, Miloš Boria, and also those who regularly arrived and stayed in contact – Jaroslav Panuška, Jan Trampota, and last but not least the works by authors who found Slovácko a home from home – Josef Schneiderka, Jiří Heřman. The last third of the exhibition is dedicated to a new generation of artists who significantly influenced the nature of the regional art from the late 1930s through the post-WW II period. Many of them taught at the Uh. Hradiště School of applied arts – Jaroslav Melichárek, Vladislav Vaculka, Vladimír Hroch, Jiří Jaška, Vladimír Vašíček, Ida Vaculková.

The permanent exhibition is continuously modified so the visitor can get to know new authors and their works and create a fresh new experience of the arts of south-east Moravia.


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