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Home Distillery Museum

Traditional folk culture is being widely popularized in the Czech Republic. The domestic production of hard spirits was neglected for a long time though. The topic was dealt with by many authors to different extents both in professional and popular literature but a comprehensive presentation for public was still missing. Maybe the first significant attempt was the 1922 Moravian Regional Museum exhibition in Brno on the subject of the past and present of distillation which its author Helena Beránková called „Distilled your fruits yet?“ The exhibition was a tremendous success with visitors in almost twenty museums both home and abroad. Sadly, as the case is with many travelling exhibitions, the exhibits were returned to their owners and all that remained are archive photographs and documents.

This inspired in 2006 two friends and colleagues from Slovácké Museum in Uherské Hradiště, Jiří Severin and Ivo Frolec, to establish a permanent specialized museum of home distilleries. Easier said than done though. They had to climb up the greasy pole to attain the goal. Finding a suitable place for a new museum was not so hard thanks to the support from Libor Lukáš, the then district head of the Zlín region, and from Jan Pijáček, the mayor of Vlčnov which later became a partnership village. Terrain research and inspections indicated that it would not be easy to get illegal distilling kits and sure enough, such finds were exceptional. Illegal home distillation was and still is relatively common but the fear of being punished (by the end of 2009 when legislature changed and originally a crime it is now considered an offence) logically stopped owners displaying their very original home-made apparatuses. The collectors had to turn to the police, authorities and court in several borderland regions in attempt to get complete illegal kits or their parts confiscated by state for their collection. Having studied archive materials and literature they made a scenario of the exhibition in cooperation with another member of the team, Marta Kondrová of Slovácké Museum. The issue became a hit on the Moravian-Slovak borderland and Slovácké Museum got to find two more partners – The Centre of Traditional Culture in Myjava and Trenčianske Museum in Trenčín. This partnership and the support from the Zlín and Trenčín regions then helped to get the needful funds from the European Fund for Regional Development within the Program of border cooperation between the Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic 2007–2013.

On the ceremonial opening of Home Distillery Museum in Vlčnov on 15 May 2010, around thirty complete kits of distilling apparatuses and their parts were gathered and displayed as well as a great number of other equipment for distilling, such as vessels, etiquettes and documents. Text panels, small prints, publications, music and photographs depict the past and present of home-made spirits and other distilled liquors. The exhibition is not completed though. The collection is expected to grow, with exhibits being added and replaced. The exhibition and outdoor premises will host various additional cultural events so the visitor is permanently tempted to come back and see.


Slovácké muzeum v Uherském Hradišti,
příspěvková organizace
Smetanovy sady 179
Uherské Hradiště 686 01
Telefon: 572 556 556, 572 551 370
E-mail: info@slovackemuzeum.cz
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